In today’s digital connected world where we communicate with our network and social circles through social media, mobile, and local technology, if you want to succeed online, you need to understand and engage with your clients’ needs at a deeper level. Social media has taught us to be open and transparent online by engaging with others, but the next trend will all be about having conversations at a more meaningful level than just engaging with people online.

Today, many businesses, marketers, and sales people are using their websites, blogs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other digital strategies to provide us with information and to educate us. We are quickly trying to integrate technology into our processes to make things easier and to streamline business.

With this, did you know that many of your clients and customers might already know your services and products better than you do? People are now doing their research and looking for information before making the final decision. Many of us are doing research and some homework before we buy. The real time nature of social media has also made it easy to find answers when you have a question or looking for a specific solution.  This info they are gathering can can be very important, especially where negotiations are involved because these people are already informed and educated to make a purchase. This might sound good to you, but it does present its own set of challenges.

Do you know your services and products?

It’s important that you really understand your services and products better than ever. People are searching online to see if you really understand and know your stuff. In a nutshell; this means that you have to be closer to all of your business processes to ensure you are meeting the needs of your target audience.

You might have heard this before, but it is also important that you start listening to what your target audience is talking about online so that you can provide them with valuable information to educate them further on your services and products. This is key to being authoritative in your industry.

Take time and make sure you as a business owner, manager, line worker or even client service representative are always listening at the needs of your clients and informing your co workers of information that will help you stand out from the crowd and the noisy digital landscape. Everyone of us needs to move on from just the basics of using digital technology and social media and return to really knowing your business and understanding the needs of your target audience.

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