Micro blogging in my free time

Micro blogging in my free time

For the last couple of weeks I have been really busy in my free time working on my new “pet” project called My Chatbox.  Almost like the name “Chatbox”, it is a micro blogging community where anyone can create Chatboxes (Micro Blogs). The idea...
Micro blogging in my free time

Help needed with My Chatbox

I need help from anyone that is interested to help test My Chatbox – Micro Blogging Community. This micro blogging community website is 99% ready with just a few little gremlins in the code to sort out. If you would like to help test My Chatbox, drop me a email...
Micro blogging in my free time

Slideshare: My Chatbox Micro Blogging Community

I decided to create a short presentation on My Chatbox Micro Blogging Community and I have upload it to Slideshare. This is my first presentation regarding this Web 2.0 tool so any feedback will be appreciated. It is a really short presentation where only Chatboxes...
Micro blogging in my free time

The ultimate goal with Chatboxes

I did a short blog post on My Chatbox a couple of weeks titled “Chatboxes in plain English” where I explain how you can use a Chatbox (micro blog) on this Micro Blogging Community.  Find the blog post below. This is not a “how to” blog post but rather a...

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