I have added a new feature on My Chatbox Micro Blogging Community where members can now “social bookmark” their favorite links on their profile or on a Chatbox that they have created.  Other members can comment and vote on the bookmarks that they have submitted in a “Digg” like style format.

When you are logged in to My Chatbox, find a new menu on the “My Account” menu on the right hand side titled “Create a link”.  You can also create a new social bookmark from the “Links Directory” by clicking on the button “Create a link”.

New Social Bookmark

On the page that you create a new link, select a category and enter your bookmark address in the URL textbox.  Once you have selected a category and added the address of the bookmark, click on “Fetch Page Details”. My Chatbox will browse the address (URL) you have added and try to fetch the link title, description and any rich media elements it finds to use as the image Thumbnail for the link. All of the link details can be edited such as the title, description and the thumbnail.

You can also social bookmark YouTube videos where a Thumbnail of the Video will be displayed and when clicked, a new window will open in My Chatbox where you can view the video.

Social Bookmark Votes

All My Chatbox members can vote on the bookmarks by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down image below the link thumbnail.  Members can also comment on any of the public bookmarks on My Chatbox.  All the links on the Links Directory can be filtered to display the most popular links, newly created links, highest rated, etc by selecting a filter from the drop down “Order by”.

Share Social Bookmarks

On the links directory, members can click on the share button where they can share the link to their profile or to a dedicated Chatbox they have created on My Chatbox.  Social bookmarks can also be created directly from a Chatbox by clicking “Create Chatbox Link” on a Chatbox.  View an example of this on the General Chatbox.

The social bookmark links section of My Chatbox is another great way how you can share valuable content that you find on the Web with your My Chatbox followers.

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