A little while ago I created a blog post on My Chatbox regarding a new feature I have made where you can add an external blog post on your Micro Blog (Chatbox).  This is quite a nice feature as most of the links on My Chatbox are “dofollow” so you can build up links and at the same time aggregate the content of your blog to your micro blog on My Chatbox. View the blog post below.

View the original blog post here: Add an external blog RSS feed to your micro blog

You can add an external blog RSS feed to any of your Chatboxes (micro blogs) on My Chatbox.  Everytime you publish a new blog post, your Chatbox feed will update within 60 minutes and fetch your new content and publish it automatically on your micro blog.

Benefits of adding an external blog feed

As you might have noticed, all the links on My Chatbox are “dofollow“. All the new external blog posts on your Chatbox includes the name of the published blog post with a link back to the original content.

Not to give everything away for free, we have limited the external blog post content to a maximum of 30 words to keep by the simple rule of My Chatbox – keep it short and simple.

The new external blog feed items on the activity stream will contain all the bells and whistles of normal content items where you can reply on the external blog content, share it on Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook, email and you can mark it as a favourite item.

How to add a feed to your Chatbox

It is really easy to add an external blog feed to your micro blog on My Chatbox.  When you create a new Chatbox, the last step in the creation process will ask you to enter the external feed URL.  For existing Chatboxes, when you edit the settings of your Chatbox, you will see a new menu item “External Blog feed” where you can enter the URL.  Once updated you are good to go.

Terms and conditions of adding a blog feed:

Use only a valid blog RSS feed and not a combined feed that includes different content items. Any non blog RSS feeds will be removed or feeds that includes a mixture of content sources.

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