In this digital age, customers are getting more tech savvy and smarter every day. While most companies had to the ability to control their reputation with traditional advertising, social media changed this as word of mouth marketing is on the rise with all the popular social media channels open to everyone.

Online reputation management is becoming more important everyday where anyone can become a citizen journalist and post anything about your business online. It is a fact that with a poor online reputation you will find it hard to attract new customers and you will most likely lose existing ones. One of the easiest and most effective ways to manage and build your reputation online is through the use of social media, and to build your presence on popular social media channels. Find below how you can use Twitter and Facebook to improve your online reputation.


Twitter is becoming more popular everyday with its real-time nature. When you post a new tweet regarding any news about your business, your followers will be able to see it immediately. One downside to this is that if you posted something and made a mistake or something that your followers will find offensive, the damage is already done. You can delete it, but most of the time this can do you more harm than good.

How can you use Twitter to find any mentions of your company name, products or services? There are many online reputation management tools that integrates with Twitter to find any mentions about your company, but one of the easiest ways is to use Twitter Search where you can search for anything in real-time by using keywords and hashtags. Another way is to use a 3rd party application such as Hootsuite where it acts as a dashboard for your Twitter doings. You can also search for keywords using Hootsuite and then save the results as a new stream to track. It will be updated automatically as soon as it finds the keyword or hashtag you used for the query.


Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media channel of them all. It’s not big…it’s massive! Having a Business Fan Page on Facebook allows you to connect and engage with loyal followers. You can also use your Fan Page to post videos and images of your products, specials, and how your company is helping out the community. Everything that you do online adds to your online reputation and Facebook is a great way to build awareness.

If you are using Facebook, check and update your presence regularly. If a potential customer asks a question on your Fan Page  and doesn’t receive a response from you, they will lose interest in dealing with you. You must continually monitor your Facebook profile to make sure you can respond where necessary and that your reputation doesn’t take a hit.

Explained above is just two popular social media channels you can use to engage with your customers and to build your reputation online. You can also use other well-known social media channels such as LinkedIn to build your professional profile/resume or create a pin board to display your products on Pinterest. There are many social media channels you can use to build your reputation online, but a poorly managed social media profile will not work.

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