Choosing the best keywords and long tail phrases for your website is a science. Not only do you have to go through the standard search engine optimization (SEO) process of researching the best keyword phrases, you also need to understand the motivation and psychology of your buyer.

Do you know who your best buyers are? Have you done a buyer persona evaluation? What content interests them? Where do they spend their time online? And most importantly, which keywords do they use often that relates to your industry? People are search the web for answers and a solution that will satisfy their need. Find below 3 tips on choosing the best keywords that you can use for your website.

Keyword research for SEO

Website: The best place to start is to look directly at what your website is selling. Choose keywords that are highly relevant to your market and what you offer. If someone typed in one of your keywords or phrases, will they want to contact your or buy from you? Never only look the keywords with the highest search volume.

Customers: When researching which keywords to use, think like your customers, and not as a industry expert. Did you know that most loan originators wants to be found for the keywords “loan originator”, but many people searches for “apply for a personal loan”?

Long tail keywords: More specific long tail keyword phrases have fewer competitors and are much easier to get good organic rankings for. Buyers generally tend to use very highly specific keyword phrases when they are searching. A person looking for a new TV is more likely to type in a brand name followed by “TV” than just searching for “TV”.

Understanding the psychology that goes with keywords will help you choose the right keywords that will bring in buyers. Make sure you understand the science of how and why people are searching online for answers. Use your phrases visibly on each website page that you have to get the maximum benefit. Keywords used on your website will attract targeted visitors as they are searching and engage them further down your sales funnel once they arrived.

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