Last Friday (6 July 2012) I was invited to give a short presentation on “Your digital footprint in a social media world” to a couple of students finishing their studies. The presentation was for the Incentive Scheme Bursary Holders at a two-day event arranged by the National Science & Technology Forum (NSTF).

The presentation to the students on protecting and building your digital resume online was a great success as this is a topic everyone should be aware of. With the constant growth of the web, and more people getting connected everyday, being visible online in a positive way has become a necessity in today’s digital market place and to be found online.

Your digital footprint

Your digital footprint might not mean that much to you right now, but it really should. Your digital footprint refers to your reputation online and your visibility when anyone is doing a search on you. Your visibility online is endless; your summer vacation video on YouTube, an article mentioning your graduation, party pictures you want to forget about… the list is endless. This content can be seen by anyone doing an assessment of your character online.

People will remember you for the things that you say and the things that you do.

Protecting and building your reputation online


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