The need for an effective social media strategy cannot be emphasized enough. Social media is becoming a vital component in any business supporting their marketing and communication campaigns. Did you know that social media within your organization can be utilized in many different ways?

Having a social media marketing strategy that doesn’t support any of your business objectives is pretty pointless. Having various social media profiles on the top social media channels just for the sake of having them is also quite pointless. One sure way you can use social media in your business is by integrating Facebook directly into your sales funnel. Even though the techniques may vary quite a lot depending on the social media channel, they are ultimately used to increase purchase power. Find below a couple of tips to help you start with this.

Using Facebook in your sales funnel

Social media can directly be integrated to support your sales funnel. For example, if you sell event tickets you can use Facebook to highlight all of the seats that were purchased by your friends. This is a very exciting feature that you can use and it could lead to someone who wants to go to the event to purchase a ticket. Using Facebook this way to increase your sales is a great way to influence the user’s decision to make the purchase.

Another example to use Facebook in your sales funnel is if your organization offers any property rental services. You can use Facebook to find new home owners that are renting out their properties and get to know them. The concept can be taken further if a friend has ever rented their property and if they recommend it. Using Facebook this way is great for market research and using social media this way gives your clients confidence in your services. They can also get recommendations from people in their own circles instead of from outside circles increasing their trust in your business.

Getting recommendations online is not a new marketing idea and in my opinion one of the best as it supports word of mouth marketing. Using recommendations allows your users the freedom to decide if they really need your products or services.

Social media should support your business objectives

Explained above are two simple examples on using social media (Facebook) to integrate with your sales funnel. Social media allows people to engage with another and to discuss and share what is being offered online. Your business can capitalize on this by providing the social media channels for services or product discussions to both potential and current clients. Using social media to increase your visibility online and to provide you with the opportunity to serve your clients in a way that is efficient.

If you are a business owner, using social media within your sales funnel is a great way to achieve your business goals. Even though the heart of social media is not about sales at all, using it for your business can mean more business growth for you.

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