Social media marketing is still a buzz word to many and one of the most exciting digital marketing methods at the moment. Social media allows marketing teams and businesses to communicate and engage with prospects in a new way. Social media can also help you with lead generation, customer services, and content promotion. If your business is already active on social media, are you getting any leads from your campaign?

With your social media initiative, if your audience trusts your business they will most likely provide you with their contact details in order to obtain special offers and valuable content. This is not a big surprise as most digital marketers are using social media to gather leads. If you are interested in generating leads with your social media marketing campaign, do you have a strategy to accomplish this? A blind and naked approach to social media will not help you achieve this. Find below some tips that can help you generating leads with social media marketing.

Do you know your target audience?

Maintaining an active presence on various social media channels will not get you very far unless you understand the audience you are trying to reach. What is the point in posting random updates on Twitter if your target audience is not Twitter? The first step with any social media marketing campaign is to do some research and listen. On which social media channels does your audience spend most of their time on? What interests them? Do you know their demographics?

When you have done your research by listening then you will be able to build some brand awareness and trust on selected social media channels because you will understand the audience you are trying to reach. Most people don’t make instant purchase decisions so it is important to gain their trust first before they are likely to purchase.

What value can you offer your target audience?

By not providing your audience with interesting and valuable content can be one of the main reasons you won’t be able to build a following on Twitter or get people to like your page on Facebook. If you are just sharing content about how great your own products and services are, then most likely people will not engage with you. If someone begins following your brand on your social media profiles, they are looking at what value you can provide for them. Focus on “magnetic content” in the form of help content, guides, and special offers and your network will become more loyal to your brand.

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