A couple of years ago, having a website was king. There were little or no competition for the keywords you have selected and no relevant content was available that your customers were looking for. Your competitors might have developed their own websites, but it was still relatively easy to get found for your services and products.

Those days, most businesses were still focused on traditional marketing, and didn’t even think about digital marketing. Very few companies embraced the internet as a means to effectively market their services. And for those that did, only a few of them understood the principles and rules needed to place their website at the top of the search engine result pages (SERP’s).

The times they are a changing

The times have changed and we are now living in a digital connected world. Just about every business of every type has a website of their own. There seems to be an endless supply of techies that can build great looking sites for really cheap. Many businesses are realizing the power of digital marketing including social media marketing and what they could benefit from it.

The web has become a very crowded place and Google has passed the one trillion mark for indexed pages. Everyone wants to be in the top ten positions on the search engine result pages. Competition on the internet is becoming brutal, and movement of just a few positions or viral mentions on various social media channels can be worth millions.

How do you separate yourself from the crowd?

The answer to this question is to implement an effective digital marketing strategy together with a social media marketing campaign. There is one thing that has remained unchanged through all the years – content is still king. Many social media experts will tell you that “conversation is king”, but in order to have a good conversation online, quality content is needed. Online content plays a big role because the most relevant content will be shown to the person looking for it. The delivery for valuable content may change in the next couple of years if you look at all the social media channels available. The number of users on these channels together with the content they provide has exploded.

Do you know your competition online?

When it comes to marketing your services and products online, do you know who your competition is on the web? Are you competing directly with your competitors or is there more to this game? To be honest, you are not just competing directly against your competitors, but also with all the conversations and engagement taking place online that relates to your services and products. You are physically competing with all the conversation taking place on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, social bookmarking, blogging, and other social networking channels.

If you don’t have a good strategy in place to make sure you have the right content to promote your services and products, start researching and create a plan for your campaign, so that your content can be found first when others are looking for it. Your competitors might already be doing it, join them and do it better.

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