This has been quite a busy week and I decided to start the “Weekly blog roundup” again.  I used to run a similar series on one of my old blogs a few years ago and decided its time to renew old habits.

This week I was focused on various “social media strategies” and you can see it in the blog posts that I have published for this week.  Wednesday I gave a presentation on a social media strategy together with a “social media policy” and “social media guidelines” that I have put together.  It went excellent and decided to focus my attention on blogging about it. Here’s the first part in a series on my weekly blogging round up.  I have only included the blog posts that were published on this blog.

Using hashtags with your Twitter marketing strategy

A few years ago it was normal for a company advertising a service or a product to include a phone number underneath their company logo on a flyer or a billboard.  Then the company phone number became a website address and later on a Facebook and Twitter user name. This is all changing once again where companies are using a #hashtag and a simple word with their advertisements.

How social media evolved for businesses

Social media (Web 2.0) is growing at the speed of light and everyday new global brands and politicians are making social media a part of their digital marketing strategy.  The days are coming to an end where social media is just a direct reflection of our real life interactions with friends.

The conversation that goes with social media

Social media (Web 2.0) is all about conversation and engaging with your network.  If you want to build long and beneficial relationships with your customers, you will need to engage with them at some point. Usually with any social interaction, it takes two, and if you are neglecting your network of followers, then you might lose them to your competitors that are more social aware.

How to start a social media strategy

If you are thinking of starting a social media campaign, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right audience for your business.  To generate new potential prospects with your campaign, it’s necessary to plan and create and effective social media strategy. It is also vital that you manage your time and set realistic expectations so that you don’t suffer a social media burnout.

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