I have to admit…I haven’t written any new blog posts on my own blog for quite some time and decided I’m going to get into the habit again of blogging regularly.

About 2 weeks ago I made the choice and I got myself a shiny new white iPad 2 (my precious) to help me with my work stuff. My iPhone 4 is a couple of months old and I am quite used to all the applications that I am running on my phone, but some of the apps are just too small to use productively.

Even though I am still using my iPhone to quickly check new emails, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter updates, etc, – the iPad is just a dream to work with. It comes in handy especially at home if you don’t want to carry your notebook around all the time.

Get things done easier

The main idea with getting the iPad was to make my busy work schedule easier at home and at meetings, but I soon realized that this device is more than just a work tool. I uploaded a couple of movies and bought my first Kindle ebook- it’s super easy and comfortable to read ebooks on the iPad. I can’t see myself buying another paperback book ever again – except for reference.

Here’s a couple of the applications that I am busy using on the iPad on a regular basis. These are just some of the main apps that I currently use and I’m sure this list will grow.


  • WordPress (Wrote this blog post on the iPad version)
  • Twitter
  • Hootsuite (The iPad app is super cool!)
  • MobileRSS
  • Kindle
  • iChromy (Google Chrome browser)
  • Movie Player
  • Friendly (Facebook application)
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • ReaddleDocs (To read eBooks)
  • Google App
  • Easy Note

What is your first experience with an iPad and do you use it only for entertainment or for work purposes?

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