Facebook has recently launched a couple of new services similar to features on Google+.  The latest Facebook update includes a new status update box that looks almost the same as the status update box on Google+ where you can add a location to your update and select which of your friend groups can view your update.

For people not familiar with Google+,  how “Circles” works is that you can add and categorize people that you are interested in following into circles that you create. When you post something new on Google+, you can select which circles will be able to view your content.

It was really only a matter of time before Facebook implemented a similar feature as this in my opinion is one of Google+’s best features.  Will this new update stop you from using Google+ in your digital marketing initiative and are you going to focus more on Facebook?

Copying Google+’s features

While this does provide one of Google+’s main features on a Web 2.0 channel with over 750 million users, I can’t help but feel that Google+ in my opinion is still doing a better job at it. The whole concept of circles on Google+ and the ease of adding new people you are following to dedicated circles feels so much more organic to me than friend groups on Facebook.  Google+ makes it super easy to add users to Circle’s, while I’m still trying to find the friend groups feature on Facebook.

So what does this all mean for all the digital marketers out there? Does it mean that we should now forget about Google+ in terms of social media marketing, as Facebook has just duplicated Google+’s best feature?  This digital marketer says no. Google+ is still very young with a small following.  In my own opinion, they do everything far better than Facebook and it is just waiting to make their big break into the social media battlefield.  At this moment, Facebook is still king of social networks and it will take quite allot of effort to beat them. By only copying features on Google+ will not stop the Google+ threat to Facebook.

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