If you are in the process of creating a social media marketing campaign, did you know that the relationships that you can build on various Web 2.0 channels can be some of the best relationships you have? You can follow interesting discussions and get to know people who are writing the topics you would like to follow.

If you have read a great article on the socialsphere, visit the author’s profile and visit their website for more information about them. This way you can find out more information about them personally and their business. This can also help you with information if you would like to add them to your connections or to start engaging with them.

Personally, I have establish a couple of very important business connections this way. The nice thing of these types of relationships on social networks is that the connection can be personal. In the Web 2.0 world, it is really not unusual to create venture partnerships or to team up on projects.

Be active in conversations

When you login to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter you can see your “news feed” of all the people in your network or “smart list.” You can see with who they are interacting and what groups they are participating on. With social media, the best way to grow and foster relationships is to become known as a giver. Take time to research and answer questions in your area of expertise. This will show that you are a knowledgeable and s giving person. When you come across that you really care more about helping people than selling, people will take note and this helps build your credibility online.

If you are on LinkedIn, you can answer and ask questions on the LinkedIn answers section. Don’t use the answers section to ask questions directly related to a sales pitch because people might disregard or think poorly of you. If you ask interesting and thought-provoking questions, people will respond. The key with building relationships with social networking is to be respectful of people and engage in conversations, answers, questions, forums, blogs and interesting groups.

Grow your business with social networking

Once you have built some reputation on various social networking channels with your brand or name, you will start getting noticed by others for your expertise if you have joined along in conversations with others. The key to building solid relationships on social network channels is to give to others with no expectation of getting anything in return. This simple but very often overlooked concept can set you apart from the rest and ultimately get you noticed.

Social networking is a great strategy that you can use in your overall marketing campaign to build brand credibility for yourself as well as your business.

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