Online you will find thousands of honest businesses tapping into the world-wide web to make a name for their business. When it comes to digital marketing and generating more sales leads, many of these legitimate businesses are failing with the most basics of customer attraction – your visitors doesn’t trust your business. Most people will not hand over their credit card details or personal information to any business if they don’t trust them.

For larger businesses, a positive online reputation plays a huge role as most of their reputation has already been built online or offline, but for small businesses, how are you going to prove who you are to attract visitors and converting them into sales? Luckily, the web  makes this fairly easy and you only have to spend a little time updating your business information online.

Updating your website

For most small businesses online, the answer is right on your own website. Having an optimized and well written “About” page explaining your who you are doesn’t take long to prepare. Your “About” page can tell interested visitors (customers) quite a lot about your business and your values. Where you come from, who you are, and what experience and skills your employees and yourself have that can help customers feel safe doing business with you.

Another important page you can update is your Contact page. This page on its own can help by displaying correct information on where interested visitors can contact you directly. Use links to your blog, social media profiles, and telephone number that potential prospects can use to talk to you in person. If you only have an email address on your contact page, do you think everyone will try to contact you the old way? Also add your business to Google places where you can place your business on Google maps and include your website. This is another way where potential customers can contact you.

Positive reviews

Add a couple of positive reviews you have received from customers on your website. When visitors to your website see that others had a good experience with your business, they might also feel that they can trust you. Do you have a good About your business page? Can people contact you immediately? Can people verify who you say you are? If I can answer these questions with a “yes” for all, I may well do business with you. If I can’t, I’ll definitely look for someone else, and so will many other visitors of your website. Don’t lose a sale because you haven’t placed the correct information on your website.

Your online reputation management campaign starts with your own website.

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