Did you know that the greatest offense usually starts with an amazing defense. It is an excellent statement when it comes to digital marketing. Companies and brands that are waiting until they are hit with a negative comment or criticism in the digital space will usually find themselves putting in a lot of effort to clear their name.

In today’s digital landscape, Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays a crucial role for businesses. If you have an Online Reputation Management strategy in place, you can build a clean wall between your business and any negative criticism that tries to invade the search results on Google for your brand name or products. If you start now to fill the search results on the search engines with positive information about you, you are ultimately creating a barrier between you and anyone that wants to post a negative comment about you online.

Online Reputation Management usually consists of a variety of different digital marketing efforts that you would use every day to build your reputation online. Here’s a couple of tips you can use for monitoring  your online reputation proactively.

Monitoring your online reputation proactively

Press releases: If you have valuable news regarding your business try writing and distributing some press releases around the news. Use your company name in the title of the press release and in the first paragraph. Distribute your press release on a couple of PR channels online. Some of these channels are seen by Google and other search engines as highly authoritive websites and it’s an excellent method to increase your search engine rankings.

Online business profiles: Business profiles is an excellent way to combat negative feedback online that finds its way into your search space. Create a couple of business profiles for your company with up to date information and a link pointing back to your website and blog. Your business profiles will begin to rank on the search engines automatically for your company name.

Social media: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another form of reputation management when done correctly. Leaving positive blog comments on relevant industry related blogs can help you with your search engine rankings. This is also a powerful way to build credibility in your industry.

Never wait until your reputation management is a reactive one because you will find that it is not always that simple to clean things up. Create a proactive Online Reputation Management process now, because if you ever find yourself in a situation when you are bombarded with negative feedback online, you will be very happy that you took precautions early.

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