A good brand image about your business requires the optimization and creation of content. This content can take various forms ranging from website articles to snippets used for microblogging. The more engaging and relevant content you can create and distribute on various channels online, the easier it will be for you to control your brand image and to deal with negative criticism online. This process can be part of your online reputation management (ORM) strategy.

In addition to creating and distributing engaging content, make sure that your website is also optimized so that the search engines can find and index your content. This can help so that your content is displayed on the search engine result pages when someone is searching for your brand or services. The content on your website should also easily be share able on popular social bookmarking channels. This can help your content travel.

The more you empower your website audience to consume your website content in the way that they want, the more options you will have to expand the reach of your content beyond the borders of your website and your Web 2.0 profiles. Here’s a couple of ideas on you can can promote a positive brand image.

Promoting your brand image

Whitepapers:  The purpose of whitepapers should always be to educate or entertain the reader. The content should be relevant to your work and brand, and the primary focus should always be on presenting engaging content. When you publish a whitepaper, make sure to place it also on your website so that your website visitors can share it with their own network, and comment on it.

Press releases: For every newsworthy event a press release should also be created. Submitting a press release to various press release syndication websites will allow positive information regarding your brand to be distributed to a number of channels quickly. The search engines tend to index press releases found on these sites very quickly and it will help you bolster your visibility online.

Video: Use video channels such as YouTube to upload any videos you might have regarding your company. You can get very creative on these channels and produce video content that can have the ability to spread virally. This can greatly expand the reach and popularity of your brand.

Photo sharing: Publish the images you have the rights to from your traditional marketing campaign and upload these to photo sharing channels such as Picassa and Flickr. For every image you upload, you can create a unique title and description with your company name.

Social networking: A cost effective way to build your brand awareness using highly popular social networking channels is to create profiles on the top channels and to start engaging with your network of followers.

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