Is your business ready to start with a social media marketing campaign to get you more exposure on various Web 2.0 channels? Everyone including companies needs to start somewhere. Maybe you have heard all the buzz words floating around such as “listening”, “social business” or “social CRM”, but how can you take action on these buzz words and integrate it into your business to start building credibility online? Here’s a couple of tips that will point you in the right direction.

What are your business goals and objectives? Look at all the various social media channels you can use such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and figure out what fits. Never try to fit your business into social media, research and check how social media can fit into your business. How will your other digital marketing strategies such as PPC, search engine optimization work with your social media marketing campaign?

Outsourcing your social media campaign

Should you outsource your social media marketing campaign? This is really a tough question and many companies allocate one employee to their social media duties, but have they been trained up to represent the company on a social level? If your company is starting a new social media campaign, it’s not just the manager that needs to understand social media, but the best result comes when everyone in your company participates. This will keep your social activity dynamic.

If you are planning to integrate social media within your business, try turning all your everyday business processes into social media processes. Do you have a customer care department dealing directly with your clients? Why don’t you try social customer care? Many companies online are finding it an efficient strategy for managing their customer care related issues and pushing out positive mentions about them online. Why don’t you enhance your overall customer base by creating an online network (community) for them? Keeping your existing customers in touch also provides you with the opportunity for up selling.

Do you know your online reputation?

Do you know what your online reputation is online? This is something you can start immediately by listening what people are saying online about you. Manual listening is an effective and quick way to see what people are talking about online. This will help you track your online identity and branding. The information you gather from listening will help you make important decisions regarding your social media marketing strategy and campaign.

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