Social Media Marketing (SMM) should always be an extension of your current online marketing strategy.  SMM should be integrated into everything you do online including your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign as well as any email marketing strategies that you have.  SMM is a medium that you can use to communicate with your targeted market and niche in a way that wasn’t possible before. Social media also helps you to nurture solid relationships organically through various Web 2.0 channels.

Integrate social media into your business

If you don’t have the knowledge or skills to bring social media into your company on a daily basis, hire a consultant or an SMM agency to help you integrate this medium into your business.  Make sure that when you bring social media into your company, the person or agency responsible for this has a clear understanding of social media and how to integrate it into your business.  Ideally, in my opinion, it’s best to bring this in-house as social media always starts at ground level and no one understands your business better than the people involved with your company.

Either way, hiring a consultant or an agency, they must clearly understand how social media will be integrated into your company, the importance of setting objectives and goals, and the means to execute and develop an online marketing strategy to meet your goals. Never accept an unclear social media strategy as this can cost you dearly. The only people who will be able to deliver you a successful social media (Web 2.0) strategy are the people who can customize it into your business and integrate it into your current business plan.

Research, research, research

The consultant or agency involved with your social media strategy will have to do their own research on what the best strategy will be to implement social media to meet your objectives and goals.  Your current business plan will most likely be adjusted based on the new research and findings of the social media landscape.  By doing this you will have a clear understanding and focus of your targeted market.

The integration of social media inside your company is not a quick and easy way to get noticed online.  Even though it is much cheaper than most of the other online marketing strategies, it costs time and lots of research to run a successful Social Media Marketing campaign.

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