If you are in the process of creating a social media marketing strategy, or you are already running one, how does the strategy integrate with your website and blog? In today’s digital world, your website and your social media campaign are messengers to help you spread your marketing message to every corner of the world. In order to build your online reputation and to effectively spread your message, every part of your digital strategy must work together. This process requires that all the pieces of your digital marketing strategy work together.

Create the opportunity for your audience and network to access your company content through the channel of their choice, whether this is your blog, or any other social media channel that you have that links back to your website. Consider your social media profiles as the windows into your website that provide accessibility to all the news regarding your company and information where you can establish further conversations.

Create interlinking with your social media profiles

By creating interlinking between your website and your social media channels, you are establishing your website or blog as the destination where people can go to for more information about you. The destination is a place where your customers can go to when they have a specific action to take (purchase, enquire, find more info, sign up, etc. The conversation can happen every day and this allows you to build a relationship with your visitors and give you an opportunity to direct your contacts back to your website or blog.

If you have a user-friendly website, remember that there are only a limited numbers of ways that your visitors will be able to interact with you on your website. Your visitors arrive at your website to find specific answers and information or they will leave immediately.

Social media provides information on demand

Your social media campaign can change all this because it provides “always on” access to anyone that connects to your social media channels. Your social media campaign gives your network information on demand, when, where and how they want it.

Can you run a successful social media campaign without a website or a blog? Your website and blog provides authority and a face to your business, whereas your social media profiles provides your network with an informal method of connecting to each other. In my opinion, any business not taking advantage of a website and a blog is making it very difficult to convert their social media engagement into a tangible transaction and therefore experiencing only limited success.

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