One common misconception when it comes to marketing on the social web is that you should update your social media profiles as many times as possible during the day. While constantly posting random content and information will keep your social media profile active from one point of view, it is an ineffective way to communicate your message to your target audience and to engage with them.

Another misconception regarding social media is that many believe it’s a numbers game. Followers, fans, and likes are used by many to measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts, but in truth, followers, fans, and likes can be bought to give a “fake estimate” on your profiles. This doesn’t work at all because most if not all the time, none of these “purchased” followers will be targeted. It’s the same as buying traffic that doesn’t convert.

Social media is not a numbers game

The numbers game of a social media campaign is a tricky one, because most of the time businesses are focusing more on the numbers and forgetting about their clients. Buying followers doesn’t add value to your business and it never will. The best way you can humanize your brand is by developing relationships with your targeted audience online by interacting with them – not to them.

Interact with your audience online

Whether it’s on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, it really pays to interact with your target audience on the social web. There’s really nothing worse than posting a new blog post or update and you ignore all the comments that comes in. Make sure you take time to engage with your target audience by replying to their comments and mentions. This will not only help you build relationships with your audience, but it will also be beneficial to your business, because you will know and understand what your audience respond positively to.

Don’t wait to interact

Responding to any comments or queries on the social web in a timely manner will make your audience feel that they are valued by your company. Responses should never be left hours un answered. Make sure that you are careful that all the mentions and queries you receive are responded to as soon as possible.

Social media enables you to humanize your brand online where you can build trust, credibility, and lasting relationships with your target audience that can help your business grow and reach your objectives.

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