Facebook is busy with a new feature called “Timeline” and as the name suggests, it creates a timeline of your life on Facebook.  The new “Timeline” affects the layout of your profile and it orders your life on Facebook in reverse chronological order, showing all the information you have published that Facebook considers important.

The “Timeline” will include your date of birth, your school, university, the date you got married and more.  It displays status updates, images, and videos that were uploaded related to these events.

How to enable this new feature?

The new “Timeline” feature has not been officially launched yet, and it might only be live in a couple of weeks, but there’s a sneaky way you can give it a try before the official launch date. The “Timeline” is still in beta, so there will be a couple of bugs they need to iron out first related to your privacy settings. If that doesn’t concern you, have a look at a YouTube video below from the Huffington Post on how you can enable this new feature.

Once your new Facebook “Timeline” is enabled, you can tweak your profile how you like.  You can change the cover image, change the photos, add important dates, etc.  Do you look forward to this new change by Facebook or are you against the change and more concerned about who can view your profile?

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