It is a well-known fact that an optimized website that embodies a clear language, unique original content and a professional targeted user interface offers a better user experience on the web.  A dedicated digital marketing strategy and a great user experience on your website can increase your conversions quite rapidly.

With the boom of Web 2.0, why do you only want results with traditional online marketing where you can get better results by engaging on various social media channels?

Why focus on social media?

Social media marketing (SMM) is all about communicating with targeted communities and building up your brand authority as a person, brand or a company. Before the big boom of the internet, we relied on our close social circle of friends for guidance and advice. With the web came this ultimate stream of information and we had access to anything.

Online users and browsers have become smart with this new change. They are really not searching just for a specific piece of information anymore, they are filtering their search to find out exactly what they are looking for.

With thousands of results originating from a single query on the search engines, how do you find the results that is more informative and relevant? Once again we are looking back at our social circle of friends for guidance. This time, the only difference now is that our social circles are much bigger than what they were before with the ability to become friends with hundreds of people on social networks.

Is traditional digital marketing still relevant?

If you are asking this question, the answer is yes. You will still need to find the initial source of information. By optimizing a website for search engines can really help users and the search engine giants categorize your content.

By using a dedicated social media marketing strategy together with SEO for your digital marketing efforts to build trust and credibility online, you can be insured of an increase in targeted visitor traffic to your website. The old saying of “Content is King” has a new meaning for many where they see that conversation is king in this digital media age.

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