Foursquare introduced a new feature called “Tip Lists” that will allow users and brands of this popular location-based mobile platform to bundle their best tips together on lists.

With 12 million users, Foursquare is a fast growing geo-targeting mobile service.  Foursquare already has great benefits for any company, but they have taken their service a huge step further with the new feature “Tip Lists”. Users can take their unordered and jumbled tips and sort them into helpful and neat lists that can either be publicly or privately shared.

Create helpful and creative lists

This new feature has already spawned a variety of helpful and creative lists, for example “Hidden New York”, “Best restaurant views.Ever”, and a whole range of other brilliant list ideas. The huge potential that this creates for mobile geo-targeting as part of a digital marketing strategy could be really huge.

This new feature on Foursquare turns all the members on the network into critics. All the members have the power to personally recommend business/location premises to other users in a way that is far more effective than every before on the network.  If an online marketing company were to get featured in a list “Best online marketing Johannesburg” by an extremely influential Foursquare member, it would really do wonders for their business.

Foursquare’s usage will boost

The new service on Foursquare will most likely boost its usage as it has teamed up with a host of successful partners.  These include MTV, Spin Magazine, Alicia Keys, Time of New York, Wolfgang Puck and Bravo TV. All of these entertainment and media partners will be sharing their tip lists on Foursquare and promoting the service.

The integration of this feature on Foursquare now provides a service better than Google Places in my opinion.  On Places, sites and venues are found through localised search and then given scores based on customer reviews and feedback.  With Foursquare “Tip Lists”, members are personally recommending places to their network, friends and followers.

Foursquare “Tip Lists” will most likely inject new life into Foursquare, causing a surge of new users and it is more reason for brands to capitalise on the opportunity by registering on Foursquare and adding another Web 2.0 channel to their digital marketing campaign.

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