Many people and businesses starting out with social media marketing use their profiles to only post messages about themselves or links to their own content. Even though link building is a major part of digital marketing, the concept of overdoing it can negatively impact your image online. Only broadcasting your own links and content on the social media channels that you are using is the same as old school advertising mediums like TV and radio.

As a basic rule of thumb, you have to be very careful when you broadcast only one way messages on the social web and being self promotional. Instead, focus on providing your target audience with useful and innovative (magnetic content) that they will read and can share along. If you are only promoting yourself on the social web, you are basically undermining your own credibility and you can be labeled as a “spammer”. Who wants to be friends with a spammer?

Engage with your community

Your website, service pages, and search engine optimization campaigns can handle all of your branding and advertising. The best social media marketing campaigns are the ones that engage with their community. Get others to start talking about your brand and interact with your magnetic content. By encouraging conversations, you are getting a chance to learn about the preferences and thoughts of your targeted audience. This data is invaluable for your marketing efforts. If you don’t know what content to you want to use with your community, have a look at this blog post I published a couple of months ago on creating magnetic content for your digital marketing.

As you are gaining credibility on the social web and increasing your list of trusted followers, linking to your own content moderately can also help you engage with your community. As long as your content is specific and relevant, it can help you further the discussion. Always try to think like the people you are interacting with. If you think that Tweet you are about to publish is over promotional, don’t Tweet it. If you think the status update will look spammy on your community’s news feed, don’t publish it.

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