Another week and another round of blog posts.  This week I covered the usual digital marketing and social media marketing posts together with a post on how you can enable the new Facebook Timeline.  Have you activated it yet? If you did, what do you think about it? The first post this week I covered one of my old favourite topics – blogging. I will most likely cover a few topics on blogging in the next couple of weeks.

Find the weekly round-up blog posts below.

Digital marketing is an ongoing process

Building up your “digital profile” and business takes time and effort and it is not a one time process. Digital marketing is exactly the same. You need to always keep working on it and find ways to improve your strategy. Digital marketing is an ongoing process, not a one time event.  If you want top rankings on the search engines and build up positive brand recognition for your business, you will always need to focus on your “digital marketing” process and strategy.

Listen first and then start your social media campaign

If you are in the process of creating a social media strategy or campaign, did you start the process by listening at your audience first? One of the key rules of communication and social media marketing is to listen first.  How do you start your campaign by listening first?

How to enable the new Facebook Timeline

Facebook is busy with a new feature called “Timeline” and as the name suggests, it creates a timeline of your life on Facebook.  The new “Timeline” affects the layout of your profile and it orders your life on Facebook in reverse chronological order, showing all the information you have published that Facebook considers important.

First step to blogging – Identify who you want to reach

Blogging has grown tremendously over the last 10 years and it is now seen as a necessity to digital marketing.  Blogging started out as a simple experimentation – exactly the same as most of the popular digital trends today, and it exploded.  By having a business blog is most likely the easiest way to start engaging with potential clients using social media. Some will even go as far as saying that blogging started the social media craze even though it has been far longer around than blogs.

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