Social media is all about conversation and engaging with your target audience. If you want to build long and beneficial relationships with your customers, you will need to engage with them at some point. Usually with any social interaction, it takes two, and if you are neglecting your network of followers, then you might lose them to your competitors that are more social aware.

This doesn’t mean that you should always interact and engage with your followers, overdoing it is a sure way to drive them away. What is the correct level of conversation to include in your social media marketing strategy so that you can make the most out of it? When and how are you going to engage with your network and followers?

Here’s a couple of tips on how you can use social media in your digital marketing strategy.

Customer support

When something goes horribly wrong, people have a tendency to flame their frustrations to the world on their favourite social channel.  Take advantage of this and keep on the lookout for blog posts, tweets, forum comments, etc that may be seeking advice or complaining about a service or product that is linked to your company. Try to always answer these queries and comments and let them know that they are not being ignored and that your company values their feedback.

Telephones are still considered the best customer service method, but social media gives you public and clear evidence that you are effectively caring and interacting for your customers and network.

What is happening right now?

What is the trend right now and what is everybody talking about? Take a look at the conversation and the trending topics of the day.  Look at the relevant news stories and your Facebook wall. Always try to keep it fairly appropriate to the demographic that your company is targeting. Don’t start discussing the latest metal band if your company specialises in “Wedding Dresses”, for example.

By staying on top of the trending and latest news items in your industry, you will give your network the impression that you are constantly on top of the latest news stories and you are a relevant source of information.

Always have fun

You choose your close friends because you enjoy their company and you have fun together.  Friends are usually easier to talk to that anyone else.  Try to use a couple of fun topics in your tweets and other social interactions.  Try to mix the light-hearted in with the serious. Of course this depends on the nature of your company’s area of expertise and targeted audience. Some demographics and people will actually respond very negatively to “fun” activity – do some research on your targeted market first!!!

Once again, social media is all about building long-lasting and solid relationships. Keep the above in mind and you will be well on your way to build a loyal and rewarding following.