Hello, I’m your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing specialist and growth hacker.

I am an entrepreneur and I think out of the box. I am also highly motivated and I have a passion for everything digital. I have been in the online space since 2000 where I started my journey as an online developer and then evolved into a digital marketer. I haven’t looked back once.

From lead generation, customer communication and online credibility, I have the experience to make sure you succeed in the online world. Combining a diverse expertise in business strategy, technology, usability and design, I produce highly scalable business solutions and online user experiences.

Hands on experience

My deep, hands-on experience with emerging digital strategies together with my business experience makes me well equipped for leading brands confidently into new and existing digital marketing initiatives. I’m very passionate about what I do and I provide online business solutions and optimised user experiences for brands that are interested in building and expanding their digital footprint.

I regularly speak at events about digital marketing and how you can use the web to build influence to get targeted results and increase your ROI in the digital landscape. I have been interviewed by many magazines such as ITWeb, Elle, Woman In Motion and Tech Smart. I have also featured on top blogs such as the Heavy Chef Project and WPMU.

My experience

  • Growth Hacking 90%
  • Digital Marketing 95%
  • Lead Generation 90%
  • Mobile Marketing 90%
  • Entrepreneur 85%
  • Development 80%
  • Social media marketing 85%
  • Search engine optimisation 95%
  • Online reputation management 80%
  • Personal branding 85%

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