We’ve all experienced the craze with all the mobile devices over the last couple of years . How many people do you see everyday typing and talking on their smartphones and tablets in coffee shops, buss stops, restaurants and at work? The new office space is everywhere where you are. No longer do you have to sit in your closed office. People can now do business anywhere and on the go using smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s and basically any device that connects to the internet.

People are starting to read more news online than printed newspapers. Ebooks have changed my monthly routine of visiting the local bookstore and do you really need the yellow pages? Why are these still in print? Why am I asking this? While many digital marketing experts and social media “gurus” explains the necessity of having a digital marketing and social media strategy in place, in reality, why don’t you look at a integrating a mobile marketing strategy with your marketing campaign to capture the attention of thousands of mobile users?

Having a mobile marketing strategy that works with your digital marketing campaign can take your business well into this new digital age. Your customers have access to you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. If your social media strategy is only focusing on traditional computer users you are missing out on business. Now is the time to start focusing your marketing efforts to be mobile friendly.

Here’s a couple of tips that can help you get started with mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing tips

Mobile website: This is a absolute must. Make sure your website and blog is mobile compatible and responsive. Optimise your content and graphics to be viewable on mobile devices and easy to read. Your responsive website should load quickly and the navigation should be user friendly. Make it smooth and easy to find your content on the go and don’t let your visitors think what they should do next. Because most people turn to the search engines to look for answers and solutions, having a mobile optimised website is a must for Google and could play a huge role with your SEO campaign.

Social media: Most social media platforms are mobile focused so your content and marketing strategy should be as well. Make your content engaging enough for your audience to take an action. Share interesting bite size content where it can be shared easily and spark engagement. By using social media in your mobile marketing campaign, you can basically reach your audience whenever they are visiting their favourite social media channel. This is extremely powerful if used correctly.

Geo-location services: Create profiles on mobile platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Business. This will help you take advantage of how your customers can find you on the web by using geo-location services.

Mobile app: A mobile app is quite different from a mobile website. A mobile app will let your users/customers interact with your business using an app on their smartphone or tablet. Don’t know what you are going to use the app for? Create an app to allow your customers to purchase your products, schedule appointments with you or just submit customer service queries. The possibilities are endless if you want to create an app.

Text messaging: This is quite an old school way of marketing but still untapped by many businesses. Text messaging is still a great marketing medium that you can use to market specific products or services to your target audience. Even though many people are against text messaging, be creative with the content in your campaign to spark engagement with the recipients. One way it’s currently working wonders for my clients is by offering some sort of discount or voucher in the content of the text message where. Make it exclusive and engaging.

The mobile buzz

More people are starting to use mobile devices to find relevant information, do some research buying services and products. It is really essential for businesses to tap into this in order to reach targeted customers. Mobile marketing means moving information regarding your business right into the hands of the people you would like to reach, wherever they are. This isn’t the future or tomorrow, this happened yesterday so make sure you are not missing out.