If you are busy with a social media marketing campaign, I’m sure you follow a marketing process of managing the overall effectiveness of your campaign. You actively engage with your target audience, you follow the proper etiquette and rules on the social media channels you are using, you’re transparant, authentic, and you regularly publish blog posts. These might be some of the things you do on a regular routine.

There might be times where you look at all your hard work and think that it’s just not worth all the effort. Are you actually making a difference and having an impact on the massive social web?

If you are regularly busy with your social media campaign, it’s really easy and normal to experience social media burnout. Spending too much time online, being whole-heartedly involved with everything you do on the social, every status update, tweet, post and engaging with your target audience can drain your energy. I know, because I’ve been there – more than once. Whether it’s your personal live or at work, there might be a time when you are completely drain and you want to give up.

If this is happening to you, how are going to move forward so that your marketing efforts aren’t a complete waste? How are you going to overcome this so that it’s not the end of your social media journey? How can you remain focused and stay motivated throughout your marketing campaign?

What are your goals?

We all have different reasons for using social media on a regular basis. Some of us are using it to connect directly to friends and family whilst others like us are using this medium as a marketing vehicle to amplify our message. For marketers, it’s important that you often take a step back and assess what you are actually doing on the social web.

Review your goals and whether you are reaching any of the milestones that you have set for yourself. If you haven’t set any milestones with your campaign, now is the perfect time to to create them. If you don’t know what you are working for or where you are heading, you’ll never reach your goalpost. If you are struggling with this, think what you are doing on the social web and what you want to accomplish. The goals you set should always be realistic and break them down into smaller milestones where you can measure what is working and what is not. This is one way that you can truly focus on what’s working.

Don’t be everything to everyone

You can’t be everything to everyone online. With this, you also can’t be active on all the popular social media channel especially if you haven’t even mastered one. Use the channels that your target audience is the most active on and focus all your time and energy on those channels. It’s important to always be consistent and authentic on the social web and never go in with a watered down approach which could in fact have a negative impact on your digital footprint.

Use a clearly defined schedule

Put away your new tablet or mobile phone and be sure to set some strict time limits on your campaign. Do you have a hoppy that doesn’t involved the online world? Spend some time with your friends and family, take a vacation, listen to some good music or go and see a movie. The pressure to always stay active, interesting and relevant online can wear down quite quickly even to the seasoned social media pros.

While the positive impact that social media can play in the marketing of your business cannot be ignored, it’s important that you use this medium in a balanced and healthy way. Social media is great, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back, assess and check what you are actually doing so that this great medium doesn’t affect you and your brand negatively.