Original article published by Anton Koekemoer on memeburn: Make sure your target audience knows who you are

How well do you understand your target market and do you really know where you can find them online? Do you know what they know about you and what they are looking for online? What are they asking and what problems are they trying to solve?

If you are currently promoting your business online using various digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns, you’ve most likely answered the questions as yes, but let’s ask a different question. Does your target audience know where to find you online? Do they engage with you via social media and your blog? Are they currently talking about you online and are they following you?

Everything online revolves around content. Everyone interacts and consumes content. The internet has given you the ability to showcase content directly to your target audience, but this doesn’t mean they will read and share it with their own social circles.

With this, it’s time to start creating only magnetic unique content and not just content that is blurring your business and adding noise to the digital space. People want to do business and engage with real people online, not just your robot voice. Content that is magnetic can pull them in and has the ability to be shared around. It’s not a form of push marketing. If you are the owner of your business, it’s time to start wearing your digital marketing shoes and get your target audience to value your voice online. They should know who you are, your values, what you do and your credibility in your community. This is all possible by making your #1 priority magnetic content.

Connect and engage with your target market

The digital world has change tremendously over the last couple of years with no sign of stopping anytime soon. People are using various social media channels to engage and connect with other people and companies. If you are focusing on only producing magnetic content published and shared by real people, you are giving your target audience a solid reason to connect with you directly.

It’s also good practice to measure exactly where your target audience is engaging with you the most online and what their preferred preference of digesting content is. Some people like to read and share blog posts whilst others are only interested in rich media like video content and imagery. Produce content that your audience will share with their own network. This is a big problem for many because people and companies are first looking to build awareness about their business without a thought of the type of content or interaction they are going to have with their target market. It’s not the easiest thing to do online and this process does take some time and effort, but the payoff is huge if you can get this right.

Once you start by only focusing on magnetic content that your target market crave and will share with their own network, then you are on the right track to guarantee success with your digital marketing campaign and strategy.