Original article published by Anton Koekemoer on memeburn: 7 ways to assess what is working with your social media campaign

If you are already busy with a social media campaign for yourself or your business to build awareness for your services or products and you are not getting the results you were expecting, what should you do? To find the answer to this question, have a look at what you are currently doing with your social media campaign and maybe it’s time to change your approach on this medium.

With your current social media campaign, are you focusing on your business goals or is your strategy just taking a shot in the dark hope for the best approach? To achieve maximum results (long term), your social media campaign should be integrated into all of your other marketing campaigns and work hand in hand with your business goals. It’s should always support what you are trying to achieve with your business.

To get your campaign working for you and your business, take a step back and assess everything to find all the little gremlins you don’t need and that aren’t working for you. To take your strategy to the next level, find a couple of tips below that will help you.

Your social media goals should be aligned to your business goals

If you are not sure what you want to achieve on this medium, there’s a very good chance that you are not seeing any results. What do you really want to achieve and why? Do you know your target demographic and understand what makes them tick? Without any solid objectives, your campaign won’t go anywhere and you won’t be seeing any success.

Guide your target audience

If you want to engage with people so that they can join your community and take a specific action, it’s important that you lead and guide them. Show them what you want them to do and lead by example. Don’t let them play the guessing game because in most instances, this won’t work.

Focus on magnetic content

Regardless if you are only using your blog or a specific social media channel to publish your content, ask your visitors once in a while to share your content. If the content is magnetic, they will. People like to share interesting unique content. Only focus on the best of the best to make sure your content can travel. Make it easy for your audience to share it with their own community.

Cross promoting your social media presence

Use traditional marketing to cross promote your social media presence. Include a link to your website, blog and social media profiles on any of your printed material and even your business cards. Look at creative ways on how you can use your existing marketing material to promote your presence online. If people don’t know about you, how will they find you?

Use videos if you can

If an image speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million. We have been trained to watch television from a young age so you should take advantage of this. YouTube is the second largest search engine and one of the biggest social media channels available. Upload video content about your business and make it interesting and to the point. These videos can then be used in all of the other channels you are using

Use images to support your content

Images can support your content by being an extra hook to get people interested in reading and sharing your content. Using images to break up long pieces of text is also an excellent way to keep the attention on your content. Find clever ways of how your target audience can use images in their testimonials and feedback about your services or products that you can use in your marketing material.

Measure everything

Track and measure everything you are doing with your campaign to see exactly what is yielding positive results and what should be changed or even removed completely. It’s important to make the most out of the measurement of your campaign and to know what you are going to measure before you start. What do you want to achieve and how are you going to measure your success?

There are loads of analytics tools available that you can use to measure your campaign and most of the popular social media channels provides some sort of metrics that you can use, but the easiest way to start with this is by delving directly into Google Analytics and analysing the return your are getting to your website, blog or ecommerce store via social media.